PCI Slab Labels and Serial Numbers


New PCI Slabs- Note the font, especially the 6


Old PCI slab, note the dash between the date and mintmark and the 6

PCI Slab Labels and Serial Numbers- What they mean


Green Label, ten digit serial number- Very conservative grading, at all grades. These slabs with a PQ designation almost always upgrade a point at PCGS. All PCI slabs seem to be lumped together as far as price goes, so you can find some real steals on these slabs.

Green Label, fourteen digit serial number- Accurate grading up to MS65. Very liberal on MS66 and above. Again, great deals can be had on these, but stay away from MS66 and over.

Green Label, nine digit serial number- The serial numbers on PCI slabs went to nine digits when the ownership changed. Grading became atrocious, usually Morgans overgraded by at least two points, cleaned coins with no mention on the holder, and altered coins slabbed as genuine. Absolutely stay away from these slabs.

Gold Label, nine digit serial number- Same as above, atrocious grading.