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rayagoldina (private)(Removed) Jul-14-03 13:52:09 PDT 3025444561 S
Complaint : Why K6AZ you sold me a POLISHED COIN? I paid for Black & White CAMEO
Response by k6az - Bid on this 99 SBA $ proof in orig. mint box just to place this bogus negative
coinbuyer88 ( 2 )(Removed) Jun-20-03 09:17:59 PDT 3025439460 S
Complaint : Very convoluted transaction. emails back and forth...No phone #..Forget about it
Response by k6az - Another in a series of neg. designed to harass me. $5 item never paid for.
thesourceforu (private) Jun-17-03 14:32:19 PDT 3020039983 S
Complaint : Tells lies about ACG and me, disappointed with service and quality of coin
Response by k6az - Bid on this auction solely to post this neg fb. The truth about ACG is out.
Follow-up by thesourceforu - The truth about your obsession with ACG will be your dounfall, good luck
thesourceforu (private) Jun-15-03 10:41:49 PDT 3018815965 S
Complaint : Red Devil Website exudes such hatred, reap what you sow, super crappy coins
Response by k6az - This current employee of ACG bid on my auction soley to post negative feedback.
Follow-up by thesourceforu - You been attacking ACG for 3 years, what does that have to do with selling junk
geraldazz ( 2 ) Jun-04-03 19:27:33 PDT 3018820751 S
Complaint : NEVER BUY FROM YOU AGAIN sent to NGC coin has been recolored BAG GUY
Response by k6az - This was sabotage. See for more info.
Follow-up by geraldazz - cracked them out to upgrade came back recolored, never buy from you again
hunterguy ( 8 )(Removed) May-31-03 10:03:13 PDT 3023158321 S
Complaint : Took the coin to a PCGS dealer, he told me the coin was professionally doctored
Response by k6az - Coin came out of original bag, not 'doctored'- Did not ask to return
Follow-up by hunterguy - the last original bag sold decades ago, you are a con artist from the VA HILLS

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